Welcome to Seer

Joining Perpetual’s Seer data community gives you access to a suite of tools and Insights to help  you become more data-driven. Seer offers a single point of access to ready-to-use Open Data, plus pre-packaged, ready to use Suitcases of Insights regularly created and shared with Perpetual Clients.

Perpetual’s IMPACT Philanthropy Application Program (IPAP) data is also available, exclusive to Perpetual clients on Seer.

Regular webinars and support sessions are also available which combined with access to data can play an important role in supporting fundraising, strategy and program delivery decisions.

Your access to Seer will allow you to:

  • Access pre-built Suitcase of National Community Indicators built specifically for Perpetual Clients
  • Receive regular alerts to new Suitcases, Insights and data sets as they are made available
  • Explore Seer’s Propensity to Give Index to find areas with the highest rates of volunteering and giving
  • Explore Perpetual’s IPAP Power BI dashboard and data set to inform your own application
  • Build, save, download and share unlimited Insights using Open Data to inform your decision-making

Access pre-packaged Suitcases of Insights:                           

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Other tools to help on your data journey

FAQ’s and Other Support

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